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About the Author...

Originally  starting as a school nurse over 24 years ago, Rosemarie always played an integral part of children's loves every day. From tending to their cuts, scrapes, headaches and belly aches, she wasn't just there to call parents to come pick children up. She aided with children development and gave children a sense of protection, a safe haven where they would be taken care of, loved and nurtured.

With her professional experience and longevity of taking care of children, Rosemarie decided to pick up a pen and paper and write. 

It was January of 2012 that Rosemarie wrote her first book "Amberella in the City," which is part of a three book series of "The Amberella Tales" for children ages 5 to 9. The stories teach children the values of love and security, friends, belonging and acceptance. Her second book was published in May if 2013 "Amberella and Double Double Trouble," and Rosemarie is currently working on a third book " Amberella and the Troublesome Nine." 

Rosemarie was inspired to write "The Amberella Tales" after the lose of her son Chris when he was only 23 years old. The character Chris in her books is based on her son and Amberella is based on her own dog, Amber.  

I am a strong spokesperson for child advocacy causes and parental bereavement support.  I oppose violence across all forms of the media because I believe it has a harmful affect on children.  I am a life-long dog lover.  You will find that out as you read "The Amberella Tales."

You will love the characters, laugh and learn some French.  Voilà!  Check out my blog for parents, who like me, have had the misfortune of losing a child.  Go to: May Your Laughter Live:  I reside in Bucks County PA.

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