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Read, Laugh and learn a little French.  Go with puppy Amberella from the farm to the city.  Two funny, spoiled poodle sisters, Zozue and Tutsu, live there with a grandmother who has a secret.  Amberella must make friends with the poodles.  Can little Amberella do this and will the grandmother's secret help her?  Follow Amberella's adventures during her first year.  See if she will live happily ever after when she meets a prince.  As you  immerse in this first book of   "THE AMBERELLA TALES," readers will love the dogs in this book and never forget.  


In the second book in this series, country puppy Amberella has grown into a beautiful dog.  After a fairytale wedding, she and Prince experience double, double trouble with their four active puppies.  These puppies are full of mischief and big ideas.  They are not interested in obedience school.  Comical poodles Zozue and Tutsu, Grand-mére with her secret talent. Madame Hortensia, and Madame La Cooke try to help.  Adventure, humor, French Lessons, and an exciting trip to Paris await readers in this new book.

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